Cinema is the art of telling
powerful stories. 

We at White Apple are passionate about cinema
Since our inception in 2019, we have strived to present the magnificent art of storytelling by using powerhouse technology. The ways of entertainment are constantly changing. Thus, our focus remains on enhancing the content and giving it a next-generation edge. We intensify the stories, making them compatible with different platforms and devices. WhiteApple plays the role of a catalyst for evolving the content and elevating the overall experience.
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Our ultimate goal is to usher in a new era altogether for the audience with every movie. With a strong network of partners for media production, post-production, VFX, creative services, and digital media, we are here to fill the gaps in media services. While we handle coordination, we give you ample space, time, and energy to focus on your creative prowess. 
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White Apple USP:
Supporting Small Studios
An amazing line of work is being produced around the world, irrespective of the size of the studio. However, managing and scaling infrastructure is a challenge for small and mid-sized VFX studios. They need not only capital but also the right talent to build their infrastructure. We team up with small and upcoming studios and even struggling freelancers who find it hard to remain sustainable in the industry. We have a network of studios located in Serbia, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Moscow, Poland, and many others. This concept has helped strengthen our in-house team of 35-40 people to 500+ powerful performers across the world. Our journey has been enriched by key entrepreneurs across the globe. We fondly call them 'Keypreneurs'. It is our belief that training and grooming new resources will elevate the overall level of work. Our emphasis remains on international collaborations focusing on sourcing experience, talent, skills, and creativity. By offering these studios ample exposure, we help them garner good work and fame and expand their reach. We bridge the gap between international talent and the needs of the clients, ensuring that the quality of the end product is incomparable.
White Apple Media
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White Apple Studios
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Technology at White Apple
Cinema has evolved at a lightning speed. The technology used in films has changed over the years owing to developments in projection, photography, and optics. At White Apple, technologies and artists work in tandem to advance the art and science of cinema. Our team takes care of all the needs of the clients, including graphics, advertising, conceptualizing, or VFX. Whether it is to integrate AI with multiple software or to automate simple tools, we ensure that the process across the line is smooth, enhancing the efficiency of the project. We are excited about using new tools and techniques to bring about a change in the art of storytelling. With our discoveries, we have been pushing the boundaries of cinema and filmmaking.